Personalized Ear Climbers Earrings

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Personalized ear climbers earrings made with 18k gold plating over sterling silver.  It’s so easy to get the look you want. and it’s the perfect way to celebrate yourself or someone special! We think you’ll love our Personalized Ear Climbers with 18K Gold Plating. These custom earrings feature one name or word apiece, and their curved shape helps them hug the outline of the wearer’s earlobe perfectly. Made for a beautiful glow next to the skin, they are truly one-of-a-kind, and will certainly turn heads!

Does not tarnish. 

Please write name or word in name box.

Only Gold is Available.

You can choose up to 9 characters for each ear.

Comes as a pair. 

Please write both name or word in name box below. 

Please allow up to 13 business days for all custom orders to be completed. 

All jewelry is being handmade just for you.